Our Quail

Jumbo Brown quail are a type of domestic quail that are known for their large size and rich brown color. They are a popular choice among quail breeders due to their hardiness, easy maintenance, and good egg-laying capabilities. Jumbo Brown quail are fast-growing birds and can reach maturity in as little as six weeks. They can lay up to 300 eggs per year and are also popular for their meat. They are also good layers compare to other types of quail breeds. They are easy to take care of, as they are hardy birds that can tolerate a wide range of temperatures and do not require much space.

How to get started

A breeding quintet of quail is a good way to start a flock because it provides a balanced ratio of males to females, which is important for successful breeding. Typically, a quintet will include four females and one male, which is a good ratio for producing a large number of eggs and chicks. This will give you more chance to get fertilized eggs and more variety in your flock.

Additionally, starting with a quintet of birds means you will have a small initial investment, which can be beneficial when starting a new breeding flock. This will allow you to test the waters of quail breeding, or invest more in equipment and space as you see how the birds are performing.

Furthermore, a quintet will also give you enough birds to be able to sell or give away extra eggs and chicks, in case you don’t want to breed so many quail.

Finally, it is less stressful for the birds to breed in smaller group and it will be easier for you to monitor the birds’ health and well-being.

4+ Week Old Quail

Young Males

4+ week old males
$ 9

Finish at 12-14 oz

Breeding Quintet

The breeding quintet includes four (4) females and one (1) male, which is our recommended ratio for breeding.
$ 50

Fertile hatching eggs produced within a couple of weeks.

Young Females

4+ week old females
$ 12

Produces eggs within a couple of weeks.

Young Quail

The prices change as the birds age in order to take in to account the care and feed costs.

Hatching Eggs

One dozen eggs for hatching your own quail. We cannot guarantee hatching rates but we will be available to answer questions.

$ 9


Day old chicks

Unlike chickens, quail chicks are usually around 4 days old when they are ready to be picked up because we monitor them to make sure they are healthy.

$ 3
Juveniles – 2 Weeks Old

At two weeks old they have a lot of their feathers and you can start to determine the sex based on the chest feathers.

$ 7